Fashion: For It or Faux Pas

So far, the trend forecast for 2017 is one big NOPE for me. Mules? Nope. Giant baggy silk pants that look like you’re hiding Yoko Ono in there? O NO thanks. And can try to rip on classic sneaks, “It’s now about sneakers that are embellished or have something like emojis or logos on them.”, but they’re not fooling me. Dear god if I see anyone in a platform sneaker with a tongue sticking out emoji on them I will burn your outfit while you’re still wearing it.

So what am I here for this week?

Ripped denim even in the winter, paired with fluffy scarves and black ankle boots.

Soft nude coats that Audrey and Grace would be proud of.




Don’t let your New Year’s Resolutions dictate your fashion. You want to lose 10 lbs? That’s great, I’ll see you at the gym. But don’t you dare let it stop you from loving your body and buying that dress. There will always be a reason to put it off – but never a good one. Live your life now, because if you wait until they’re burying you to wear that beautiful dress, well… wouldn’t that be a waste.


Product Focus: Sally Hanson big matte top coat

Recently I have been LOVING this matte top coat. The obsession started when I needed a top coat for the new Essie cashmere matte collection polishes, but certainly didn’t stop there. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already have noticed the abundance of matte manicures. Switching from shiny to matte is a great way to shake up your spring/summer nails. Have fun! xox

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 8.57.20 PM