Every Day Smoothies #VEGAN

Smoothies are an essential part of my morning, and I’ve found so many wonderfully delicious combinations that I thought I would share them with you beautiful people!!! It’s important to note that if you’re replacing a solid meal with a smoothie, you need to make sure you’re packing in as much energy and nutrients as you can. My two top tips are: 1)Don’t skimp on the bananas, and 2) Don’t rely on protein powders. All these recipes make a full large blender, but I don’t recommend sharing 😉

Let’s get started!!!


Brandi’s Great Banana Date

We’re kicking things off with the cream of the crop. This recipe is extra special because it was created and perfected by one of the most inspiring ladies I know. Check this Vegan babe out on Instagram @brandi.lea for everything fitness and nutrition!!!

20 dates

10 bananas

1 cup of almond milk

1 cup of coconut milk

1/2 cup of coconut water

a dash of cinnamon



Classic Strawberry Banana

4 sliced bananas

2 cups frozen strawberries – I use the organic sliced ones from Costco)

2-3 cups of coconut water or juice – I prefer the Coconut Mango water from Sun Rype, it really adds something special to it. Otherwise orange juice is perfectly acceptable.



Raspberry Romance

4 sliced bananas

1 large carton of fresh raspberries – probably equivalent to 3 cups

1 cup ice

3 cups almond or soy milk – I actually use cashew milk as I find it has the most neutral flavour. Just use what you love ❤


For an extra tasty treat, substitute regular soy milk for chocolate!


Tropical Twist

4 sliced bananas

2 cups frozen mango

3 cups coconut mango water



Creamy Avocado Strawberry

2 ripened avocados

3 cups frozen strawberries

3 cups milk alternative of your choice

1 tsp vanilla

coconut sugar or sugar/sweetener of your choice to taste – I usually use appx 1/4 cup

You want to be sure to mix extra thoroughly for this one. It should come out mostly pink, with a thick and creamy consistency. When sweetened accordingly, it’s quite similar to strawberry ice cream!


Perfect Perk Me Up

I’ll preface this one by clarifying that if you’re eating enough plant-based whole foods, you really shouldn’t need to rely on stimulants like caffeine to get through your day. However, I know a lot of people enjoy a boost in the morning and I’m here to please. Just please don’t use tea and coffee to suppress your appetite for fruits sake!!!

3 sliced bananas

2 cups kale or spinach

1 cup green tea/ Maca powder

2 cups coconut milk

1 tsp vanilla

1 cup ice


Easy Breezy Blueberry

4 sliced bananas

3 cups frozen blueberries

3 cups milk alternative of your choice

1 tsp vanilla



Monkey’s Lunch (yes I named this after a shot, pipe down)

4 sliced bananas

1/2 block banana tofu

3 cups chocolate soy milk

1 tsp cinnamon



Roses are Red, My Mood is Blue

Valentine’s Day

A day that perpetually makes single people feel either disgusted or depressed. But what about when you’re in a relationship and you still feel both of these things. This year Valentine’s Day is especially weird and emotional for me, for reasons I won’t get into right now. But it’s left me feeling almost single – but without the entitlement to complain about it.

So this year I’m focusing on Self Love. Let me share some things with you….

Most of those who know me, know that I suffered from a pretty serious eating disorder for the past 16 years. More than half my life. Well recently, I’ve recovered. For the first time in my adult life I ate over 1,000 calories in a day and I felt damn good about it. I feed myself properly (vegan and carbed the fuck up) and I work out every day and holy fuck does that feel like something I’d never achieve. It’s unreal. So I try to focus on that, seeing as it’s probably the greatest achievement of my lifetime.

Speaking of the gym – I go now! Believe it or not, I’m actually quite infatuated with going to the gym now and how it makes me feel.

Last but certainly not least – I’ve made friends. I’ve decided that I need to stop holding myself back and be open to the possibility that people are not, in fact, as shitty as they may seem. I’ve spent some amazing time with my friends over at Drunk In A Graveyard (go check out their blog!!!) and my entire fitness journey would be going nowhere without a new friend in my program. Just such a lovely human. I don’t recall a time before now I felt so connected to and supported by the people around me.

So yes, I’m very sad today. But I love who I’m becoming and that’s enough to reassure me that everything is going to be okay. Alone or otherwise. xox

What do you love about yourself?

Valentine’s Treats

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air, but more than that – everyone is hungry. Because everyone is always hungry. Fact. So here are some quick and delicious ideas that are vaguely Valentine’s Day related so you can feel like you’re playing into this holiday.

All recipes are Vegan-friendly


Choco-love Smoothie


2 cups chocolate Silk (or non-dairy milk of your choosing)

1 cup raspberries

3 bananas

1 tsp vanilla

If you’re single, make this for yourself and be happy you don’t have to share. If in a pair, make double this recipe and pour them into glasses “evenly” AKA pour yourself the larger glass and then pretend it didn’t happen.


This next one is less of a recipe and more of a suggestion. As in, this is effing delicious and you should eat it.


1 cup chocolate-mint coconut ice cream

1/2 cup raspberries

Feel free to top with whatever tickles your fancy. But for the love of god don’t tickle each other because that’s annoying AF. Get a room.


Guide To Glowing Skin : The 5 Obvious Steps You Need To Follow…

  1. Get enough sleep!!! Now, I know not everyone can be a hardcore sleeper like myself, but it is so essential to not only your skincare but overall health to get enough sleep. 8 hours a night. No excuses. No bags under your eyes.
  2. Drink Water. Lots of it. Word on the street is that if you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. This seemingly obvious and essential part of being a human can be surprisingly easy to forget. Make it a habit to always have a water bottle on hand, in your bag, at work, and in your car. Availability will make a huge difference in your water intake. I recommend buying a stainless steel re-usable bottle and ditching the environmentally heavy-impact plastics.
  3. Moisturize. Your skin needs hydration just like the rest of your body. If you have oily skin this can seem counter-productive but trust me, you still need to moisturize. The last thing you want is for your body to overcompensate and produce more pore-clogging oils. Find a skincare line that works for you, and make sure you’re applying both day and night moisturizer because there IS a difference. Skin oils are also amazing, but baby steps.
  4. NEVER go to bed with your make-up on. Whenever someone tells me they’re wearing their makeup from the day before I die a little inside. This is SO BAD for your skin, and SO EASY to avoid. I get it, when you get home late at night and all you want to do is flop into bed and start on those aforementioned 8 hours of sleep, washing your face can seem like the absolute opposite of appealing. If you really want to be lazy, use a make-up removing face wipe. I recommend the Biore wipes if you wear a full face of make-up or the Simple wipes if you have sensitive skin. Either way, DO NOT SLEEP IN YOUR GOD DAMN MAKEUP.
  5. Last but not least – relax. Stress can wreak havoc on your hormones and therefore the condition of your skin. Life can be very hectic and tends to throw curveballs your way when you’re least prepared (of this I’m sure) but it’s important to remember to take a deep breath and remind yourself that everything is going to be okay. You will pass that test. The bills will get payed. You’ve got this ❤

My Ruby Rose Experience

A few weeks ago I received a very urgent and excited text from one of my best girlfriends. “RUBY ROSE IS COMING TO CELEBRITIES!!!” It just so happened that I would be in Vancouver that entire week, and the Ruby Rose set was the day before I was scheduled to leave. Perfect timing! I immediately hopped onto the site to buy tickets, but they wouldn’t accept my Visa debit and lord knows my MasterCard is off limits right now. Because he is the most wonderful human being ever, my boyfriend generously paid for the ticket using his card, and that was that. I should mention that, in the the time it took for me to receive the text and get to the website, the ticket cost had already jumped $15 up to $50 plus fees. I’m not a diehard fan of Rose’s music, but I am however a huge fan of her film-making and human rights activism. Her presence in the LGBTQ+ community is spectacular and I wanted to support that and figured I would enjoy the show at the very least.

Too bad that never happened!!!

My friend and I were both feeling very excited and positive about the great night we were sure to have. Unfortunately, it was pretty much the complete opposite. As soon as we got in the door, it was clear that the attitude at Celebrities was unwelcoming to “girls like us”. I don’t even know where to begin with how I feel about was said to us…

First of all, I suppose I should start by saying that my sexual orientation is nobody’s business but my own, and vice versa. I was appalled at the number of people who accusingly asked me if I was a “poser straight girl”. I wished that I had replied “I don’t know, are you as big of an asshole as you seem?”… but instead I simply said “No, actually, I’m not.” Perhaps it was being completely surrounded by what I can only describe as the poorest representation of the gay community, but I wasn’t in the mood to get into it about my sex life with strangers. After being berated for 30 minutes on the dance floor by everyone around me, I decided it was time to take my leave to the bathroom for a moment alone.

What happens on my way there? I get SHOVED. Being knocked to the ground and called a “straight bitch” was the last straw.

I could hardly believe it. At that point I just said FUCK IT and called for a ride to go back to the apartment, without even seeing Ruby Rose go on. I felt completely ripped off. I also felt turned on by a group of people that I supposedly “belonged to” and have been publicly standing up for since the time I was 15. I was the president on my high school’s GSA and one of the first girls to come out there. I’ve been fighting homophobia and transphobia and arguing for equal right’s every day of my life. Yet here I was, being judged for my appearance. I felt cheated.

Do you think Ruby Rose would appreciate that kind of behaviour? I sure as hell don’t.

Let’s Get Personal – Best Friends

I feel especially compelled to write this tonight.

I’m thinking of the wonderful people I have in my life and looking forward to another trip to Vancouver to see two of my closest friends. But I’m also really missing a very special woman, who is currently in Ontario being brilliant as usual. Growing up, I always had a best friend to share my daily activities with and to bask in special moments with. Now it seems like I have a handful of people that I love very much, but I don’t get to see any of them on a daily basis. Perhaps that’s just the downside of getting older and having more responsibilities and demands on my time, and on theirs. But I see people together and the vague feeling of loss hits me like a ton of bricks.

(Take into consideration that I do, however, have an incredibly amazing and extremely loving boyfriend – and for that I am grateful beyond words. But I’m speaking, in specific, of platonic friends.)

I’m talking about that person you tell every stupid detail of your day to, the one who sleeps over at your house more than their own, and who knows exactly how you’ll react to any and all possible situations. I’m talking about the girl that feels more like your sister and who you would gladly bury a body for. I have two of these people in my life and I miss them so much that sometimes it feels as though I can’t stand because a piece of me is literally missing. It is a consuming sense of loneliness; drowning in emptiness.

Then I feel ridiculous because I’m privileged enough to have the means to see them at least on occasion and to talk to them pretty much whenever schedules allow. What I’m getting at though, is that I think these relationships are very special. I believe that connection is a rare and important thing. Most of all, I just want to take a moment to tell them I love them and to remind everyone to make time for the people in your life that really matter. It’s easy being someone’s friend out of convenience or when they’re at their best. It’s remarkable to love someone wholly and unconditionally ❤


My daughter, Caitlyn Jenner, and Laverne Cox

I am such a passionate support of trans rights and this blog just blows me away ❤


As the mother of a young transgender child, my response to Caitlyn Jenner’s headline-grabbing announcement is a visceral one. Yes, I’m kind of put off by the hype. No, I’m not a big fan of celebrity culture or reality television. But when I look at the cover of Vanity Fair, and read the news articles that respectfully use Jenner’s new name and female pronouns, I’m overwhelmed by this new state of affairs, and by a world that might just be ready to accept my daughter. And that knocks me off my feet with awe and gratitude.

I called my friend Alice, a member of our support group whose trans daughter is a few years older than mine. “Did you see it?” I said. She knew what I was talking about.

“Of course,” she said. I could hear her shaking her head over the phone, as overcome as I was…

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Tooth and Eye LookBook – Demure Sea Witch

Paired with a cardigan, whether tied or loose, makes the Arctic Sea Witch Dress just a little more demure while still keeping it fun and stylish.                                                                                                                                IMG_6738