What To Expect…

Oh hey, I didn’t see you there! Haha perhaps that’s because it’s been a solid seven months since I’ve updated this god damn website. Cool, right? I’m sure everyone who looked forward to daily posts is just so thrilled.

But seriously.

I can’t fully apologize in earnest for this absence, because a lot of things have happened during this time, and I know that if I were dividing my time between all my obligations something would have suffered in a big way. In all likelihood that something would have been school. Big no no. So here you sat on the back burner, but trust me I did not forget about you.

So what now?

Things are going to be different around here, she says, with hands placed firmly on hips. We need a makeover. Or make under. Basically, we’re not talking about makeup anymore. Sure sure, there will be a review or recommendation and I will absolutely still be taking requests for tutorials or guides. I wouldn’t leave you out to dry like that.

Here’s what to expect:

More lifestyle

More adult advice – think education, finance, sexuality

More health – think exercise, and recipes and real studies about nutrition

More posts – this is the big one. I will be posting once a week. Maybe more, but that feels like a very reasonable place to start, amiright?


So thank you for sticking it out with me, I can’t wait to start this new phase of our journey together. Love you guys!


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