The Gyst – Beauty Blender

Here’s the deal: Sometimes you’re interested in buying a product, but you’re just not quite sure if it’s the right decision. So you scour the internet for videos and reviews, and you end up going down a 3-hour long rabbit hole of conflicting and subjective information, more confused than when you began. My solution? This series of super quick and concise reviews.

Product in question: beauty blender – specifically the beauty blender pro (black version)

Product description:

Skin Type: Any

Where I buy: Sephora or

Cost: $28 CAD

Size: 1 sponge

Worth the cost: Yes

How long did it last me: 6 months – It is recommended that you change every 2-6 months. I clean mine really well every day and even after 6 months the sponge maintained it’s structural integrity. Most importantly – be sanitary.

How often did I use it: Every day

The experience: I would definitely recommend wetting the sponge and then squeezing out any excess water into a paper towel or cloth, before use. My beautyblender pro has replaced every foundation brush I own, as well as providing an alternative for powder application.



Do I recommend?





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