My Ruby Rose Experience

A few weeks ago I received a very urgent and excited text from one of my best girlfriends. “RUBY ROSE IS COMING TO CELEBRITIES!!!” It just so happened that I would be in Vancouver that entire week, and the Ruby Rose set was the day before I was scheduled to leave. Perfect timing! I immediately hopped onto the site to buy tickets, but they wouldn’t accept my Visa debit and lord knows my MasterCard is off limits right now. Because he is the most wonderful human being ever, my boyfriend generously paid for the ticket using his card, and that was that. I should mention that, in the the time it took for me to receive the text and get to the website, the ticket cost had already jumped $15 up to $50 plus fees. I’m not a diehard fan of Rose’s music, but I am however a huge fan of her film-making and human rights activism. Her presence in the LGBTQ+ community is spectacular and I wanted to support that and figured I would enjoy the show at the very least.

Too bad that never happened!!!

My friend and I were both feeling very excited and positive about the great night we were sure to have. Unfortunately, it was pretty much the complete opposite. As soon as we got in the door, it was clear that the attitude at Celebrities was unwelcoming to “girls like us”. I don’t even know where to begin with how I feel about was said to us…

First of all, I suppose I should start by saying that my sexual orientation is nobody’s business but my own, and vice versa. I was appalled at the number of people who accusingly asked me if I was a “poser straight girl”. I wished that I had replied “I don’t know, are you as big of an asshole as you seem?”… but instead I simply said “No, actually, I’m not.” Perhaps it was being completely surrounded by what I can only describe as the poorest representation of the gay community, but I wasn’t in the mood to get into it about my sex life with strangers. After being berated for 30 minutes on the dance floor by everyone around me, I decided it was time to take my leave to the bathroom for a moment alone.

What happens on my way there? I get SHOVED. Being knocked to the ground and called a “straight bitch” was the last straw.

I could hardly believe it. At that point I just said FUCK IT and called for a ride to go back to the apartment, without even seeing Ruby Rose go on. I felt completely ripped off. I also felt turned on by a group of people that I supposedly “belonged to” and have been publicly standing up for since the time I was 15. I was the president on my high school’s GSA and one of the first girls to come out there. I’ve been fighting homophobia and transphobia and arguing for equal right’s every day of my life. Yet here I was, being judged for my appearance. I felt cheated.

Do you think Ruby Rose would appreciate that kind of behaviour? I sure as hell don’t.


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