DIY – Floral Paper Lampshade

Hello internet friends!

Today’s post is a DIY, and something that I endured a number of serious burns to produce so… You’re welcome. lol. The moral of the story is really don’t give me a glue gun. This crafty number was originally found on Pinterest (of course), and I will link that below:

The Materials…

Coffee filters – I seriously used around 200, medium weight filters.

A glue gun and hot glue – USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

A plain lampshade of your choosing – I used an old one that my darling cat had ruined as a kitten.

***I recommend using the eraser end of a pencil to push the filters onto the shade with. DO NOT USE YOUR FINGERS. Yes, I used my fingers. My left thumb is now a giant blistered mess. Disgusting AND painful.***

The Process…

Take a coffee filter, face-up in your palm. Fold your hand around it until it begins to crumple. At this point you want to grasp the end and tighten the ruffle the coffee filter has created. Fold the end that was in your palm over in a small section. This is the area you will attach. I pre-crumpled all my filters because it takes quite a number of them to cover a shade and it’s a waste of glue otherwise.

Once all your ruffles are ready, heat the glue gun and apply a small amount to the folded tip of the ruffle and hold to the shade. As I said before, use a pen or something similar to hold the ruffle in place for a few second while the glue dries. Continue this process until shade is covered. I placed the ruffles very close together because I wanted it to look extra fluffy and pretty.

You did it! You made a thing! xox

IMG_6713                                  IMG_6716


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