Get The Look – Voluminous Waves

This post is going to be a lot less extensive than the Get The Look – Straight Hair. That’s, in large part, because wavy hair is a more laid back style in nature.

The Tools…

All you need for this look is a blow drier, and a diffuser. Simple!

The Products…

As with any style, it’s good to start with clean, brushed hair. Use a detangling mist, and a brush of your choice (I use a paddle brush because my hair is unruly), to smooth out your hair before blowdrying. Next, scrunch your hair using your hands while working a mousse through from ends to mid-shaft. My favourite is the Kenra Volumizing Mousse. I find this product gives ample volume and leaves you hair soft – not crunchy!

The Technique…

Continue scrunching your hair into tight handfuls while drying using the diffuser. Flipping your hair over and drying upside down produces much more volume. This attachment will slow and concentrate the air being produced. While it is important to fully dry your hair in order to set the style, you want to avoid blasts of air that will straighten the waves you’ve already worked to produce. This is why a diffuser is such an important part of the process!

When you hair is completely dry, use a moderate to firm hold styling spray to ensure the style lasts all day. Don’t just spray the outer pieces, though… Lift sections of your hair and spray at the root to give it more lift. Tousle as desired, and voila!


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