Quick Fix – Blemishes

We all get breakouts. It’s unavoidable but nonetheless unpleasant!!! Below are some quick and easy steps to easing the pain of blemishes.


Step One – Identify The Problem

Are your brushes dirty? Is it that time of the month? Are you dehydrated?  Figure out what the most likely culprit is, and figure out a way to counteract the problem.


Step Two – Act Fast!

As soon as you feel a pimple forming, apply an anti-blemish spot treatment like the Tea Tree Blemish Stick. Nipping a breakout in the butt before it surfaces can often be the best solution. A cleansing clay mask is also a great option for all-over troublesome skin.


Step Three – Don’t Regress

If you’ve pinpointed the issue, don’t let it keep happening! I’m the worst for remembering to clean my brushes as often as I should, given the frequency with which I use them. Stay hydrated, and stick to a regular skincare regime – tailored to suit your skin type. Never sleep with your makeup on (it ages you prematurely!), and avoid touching your face without first washing or sanitizing your hands.


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