Get The Look: Straight Hair

There’s nothing quite as radiant as silky, shining straight hair. Oh, the S words could go on! When it’s done just right – no frizz or kinks – straight hair makes you look straight out of a hair commercial. Minus all the fans, but maybe with a bit of hair flipping…


The Tools…

A quality flatiron is essential in creating a sleek look. There are innumerable brands and various line to choose from, and it can be overwhelming. Key things to keep in mind when shopping are: size, temperature, materials used, and of course cost.

Size – I find a smaller iron is easier to maneuvre and therefore generally produces the cleanest results. An iron with a plate 1-2 inches wide is perfect. A thinner iron allows you to get much closer to the root, leaving you with less chances for unsightly lines at the crown of your head.

Heat – An adjustable temperature gauge is generally a standard feature, but a temperature lock setting is especially handy. Whether the iron is digitally or manually adjusted, it is always possible to accidentally adjust the temperature, which I find to be an unnecessary inconvenience. (IE accidentally turning the temperature all the way down when you’re in a rush!)

Material – I prefer a ceramic-plated iron, for a smooth run from root to ends. Ceramic is also regarded as causing the least amount of damage. Avoid fabric-plated irons that can catch and pull hair.

Cost – Unless you’re a stylist or using your iron every single day, a high-priced professional iron may not be necessary or worth the expense.  I use the Paul Brown Hawaii Iron – which is a professional grade straightener. The reason for this is simple – my mom is a hair stylist! Otherwise, there’s no way I would spend upwards of $300 on a flatiron. Babyliss and Chi both have affordable ranges that produce salon results.

Paul Brown FlatIron

The Products…

Detangler –  I recommend checking out a lot of reviews for this particular product. I have personally had zero luck with any detangled except for the Rainforest Detangling Spray from The Body Shop. Do your research! Having a smooth base to work with is paramount.

Heat Protectant – Using a heat protectant spray is really important in preventing damage like breakage and frizz. Nothing defeats the allure of straight hair like frizzy split ends.

Straightening Balm – I use the Macadamia Nut Straightening Balm from The Body Shop. It’s a fairly thick, heat-activated cream that is brushed into wet hair before blowdrying. This step certainly isn’t necessary but I’m a fan.

Shine Oil – There are twice as many oils on the market as there are straighteners, but this choice is much less critical. While you don’t want something that’s going to leave your hair too greasy, going for a salon product is generally an easy solution. Unlike professional tools, products like a shine oil are relatively affordable. I use the Kevin Murphy Shimmer.Shine and ooooooh myyyyy is it ever beautiful!!! I HIGHLY recommend Kevin Murphy products. The Hair Masque is essentially the only reason I’m able to brush my hair without having a tangled meltdown. Seriously.


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