Product Feature: THE BALM BalmShelter Tinted Moisturizer

My Experience With This Product…

The Balm’s tinted moisturizer is a product I was not immediately convinced by. Last summer, I purchased it for the first time, only to find my skin broke out. However, I hadn’t at the time considered that perhaps skincare was to blame! I live in British Columbia, Canada. The summers here are extremely muggy and humid. Sweating is an unavoidable part of life as the temperature climbs over 40 degrees Celsius. So this year, being even hotter, my skincare has changed considerably. With that in mind, I gave BalmShelter another shot. As per my suspicions, the experience was completely different! I vacillate between the shades Lighter Than Light (for most of the year) and Light (for the peak of summer).

The Review…

BalmShelter is a lightweight, medium coverage tinted moisturizer with an array of colour options. Recently, the brand has expanded to accommodate a wider range of skin tones and is bound to have a match for nearly everyone. Upon application, I’ve noticed that the formula blends extremely well. Thus, if you find that one of the shades isn’t an immediate perfect-match, it’s worth testing the product thoroughly on your skin before dismissing. Can be applied with clean hands or a brush. This product is too easily soaked up by sponges, and I find using them to be wasteful in this case.



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